Safety Tips

Never fill your bin above the rim


It is important that you never place rubbish beyond the bins limits. Rubbish that exceeds this poses a serious risk to the driver and other motorists during transport. It is also a requirement of the RTA and our licensing that we transport waste safely.


Placing heavy items in the bin


You should always use a minimum of two people to lift heavy objects into the skip bin. If you have a tailgate, why not use a wheelbarrow to cart the item into the bin.


Disposal of Asbestos


It is crucial to both your health and safety as it is ours. You should never place Asbestos in the skip bin unless you have arranged for this prior. We will provide you with special instructions  to ensure you do this properly without putting health at risk. Illegal dumping of Asbestos attract huge fines and potentially a jail sentence.



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